Video! These teenagers were stripped and paraded naked

National | May 19, 2017, 10:18 a.m.

 New Delhi: In a shocking student that took place at Karve Nagar in Pune two boys were stripped and paraded on Tuesday night for allegedly harassing a girl. One of the boys and the girl studied in the same school.

Two boys were beaten and paraded naked by a group of men after they allegedly molested a girl. Four were arrested in connection with this act. There was some sort of a misunderstanding when the girl's father was informed that the girl was molested by them. In a fit of anger, the 13-years-old boys were stripped and paraded.
When the mother of one of the boys came to know about this she filed a police complaint.
Based on her complaint, Warje Malwadi police have arrested Navin Khurana (47), Yash Navin Khurana (19), Raju Devasi (24) and Pradeep Salunkhe (35).


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