This man invented 'Rasogolla'!

National | Nov. 21, 2017, 11:49 p.m.

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Kolkata, Nov 21: A biopic on celebrated sweetmaker Nobin Chandra Das, regarded as the inventor of rasogolla, is in the works, its makers said on Tuesday.

The film christened "Rasogolla" will be helmed by Pavel and produced by Roy-Mukherjee led production house Windows Production.

"Shooting will start in January 2018. We started our research and everything around a year and half ago. It centres around Nobin Chandra Das," Shiboprosad Mukherjee (of the director duo Nandita Roy and Shiboprosad Mukherjee) told IANS.

He said the project was launched much before West Bengal won the Geographical Indication tag for "Banglar Rasogolla".

The state has steadfastly maintained that rosogolla was invented by Das in 1868. The year 2018 marks 150th year of the invention.



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