This Dalit from UP will be your new Prez, know about him

National | June 19, 2017, 9:12 a.m.

New Delhi: Here's all you wanted to know about BJP's presidential candidate Ramnath Kovind.

Kovind is BJP's choice for the Presidential candidate. Well, this was a bit unexpected. Political pundits hail this decision as historic as it may divide the Opposition which is too close at present for BJP's comfort. Here's all you wanted to know about Ramnath Kovind.

- A Dalit face is a correct political choice and should be acceptable to all political parties

-He is born on Oct 1 1945

-President of BJP Dalit Morcha

-President of All Inia Koli Samaj

-Nitish Kumar is unlikely to reject this choice

-This is a masterstroke as it may leave Congress isolated because Nitish and Lalu cannot reject Ramnath Kovind

-RSS choice is acceptable to Hindutva Bank

-He is an advocate by profession and practices in Delhi

-On 8 August 2015 the President of India appointed him the Governor of Bihar


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