Sonia invokes Indira's Chikmagalur victory to inspire Congressmen

National | March 17, 2018, 4:53 p.m.

New Delhi, March 17:  The Karnatka polls will be the real test for Congress and it won't be an exaggeration to say that it is their 'prestige issue'. So through the ongoing Plenary Session, Sonia Gandhi, known to have been inspiring Congressmen in trying times and thus astounding all by popping up victorious, is leaving no stone unturned to inspire her people. So she has invoked former prime minister Indira Gandhi's Chikmanglur victory to inspire Congressmen. This is what she said: 

- The party's victory will be the nation's victory. It will be the victory for each one of us. The Congress is not a political term, it is a movement 

- Today only one things matters -- how to strengthen the great party with which we have relations which goes back in time 

-40 years back Indiraji's stunning victory in Chikmagalur turned around Indian politics, once again our party must give a similar performance 

- You all know how due circumstances I entered the public sphere but when I realized that the party is weakening, keeping in mind sentiments of Congressmen, I entered the political arena

- Under Manmohan Singh's government economic growth was at its highest. Today, I am saddened to see that Modi government is weakening and ignoring the schemes and programs (implemented during UPA) 

- In last four years, this arrogant govt has left no stone unturned to destroy Congress. But Congress has never cowered down and it will never cower down

- We are exposing fraud and corruption by PM Modi and the people with him, using proof 

- It is the beginning of a new chapter, the challenges we are facing are not usual ones. We need to make an India free of corruption and vendetta, under President Rahul Gandhi, let us pledge that we will make all efforts to to do this.


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