Rahul roars: Targets PM Narendra Modi in Gujarat, says Congress is winning

National | Dec. 12, 2017, 1:44 p.m.

New Delhi, Dec 12: Newly appointed Congress President Rahul Gandhi is in Gujarat at the last leg of campaigning of the Gujarat Assembly polls. Rahul looked attacking and loud on the last day of the campaign in the press conference in Ahmedabad.

He attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and asked why the PM has stopped talking about corruption now. 

Reacting to the allegation that he is visiting temples too much and this is a part of the poll gimmick, the Congress President said that he has been visiting temples earlier also. People with vested interests are reading too much between the lines.

"Whatever decision we will make about Gujarat, it will only be done after talking to the people of Gujarat, after listening to their voices. No decision will be taken unilaterally, " said the Congress President.
"Whenever I went to a temple I just prayed for a 'Sunehra Bhavishya' for the people of Gujarat, a better development here. Is it wrong to go to a temple?" he asked.
"In last 22 years Modi Ji and Rupani ji have initiated only one-sided development here, the one only for 5-10 people. Not everyone has been given their rights," added the Congress President Rahul Gandhi in Ahmedabad.


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