Radhika Apte has set her sights on Hollywood with a war narrative!

Entertainment | April 16, 2018, 12:14 p.m.





After attaining success in the South and Bollywood film industries, Radhika Apte has set her sights on Hollywood.

According to reports, venturing into the West to pursue her film dreams has bagged a role in a female-driven World War II narrative that also stars ‘Castle’ fame Stana Katic and Sarah Megan Thomas in the lead roles.

According to reports, the film is based on the real-life spies in Winston Churchill’s “secret army”. Apte will be seen playing Noor Inayat Khan, a pacifist of Indian descent who was the first female wireless operator. She will reportedly play a crucial role in this drama that will see her character work with the British intelligence as a spy.

Apart from this, Radhika will also be seen opposite Dev Patel in Michael Winterbottom’s feature ‘The Wedding Guest’.

Such a breath of fresh to see dusky women in Hollywood, more significantly, Indian dusky women in Hollywood. Aishwarya seemed painfully plastic, air-brushed in real life too, her interviews were rehearsed and her accent was as jittery as a lampost on a thunderous night! 

Most importantly, portraying women of colour (by which I mean literally dusky women) in film and television helps to normalize our experiences — and when women and people of colour don’t see themselves on screen, it sends the unfortunate message that their experiences are unimportant or isn't as important as those of white actors. We need to be able to identify with the actors and actresses. 


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