Priyanka shocks fans, dates Diana in colourful pyjamas

Headlines | June 19, 2017, 1:11 p.m.

New Delhi: She is on record sayng that she cares for none, and does what she feels like. She's practices what she preaches. So giving two hoots to fashion crictics, Priyanka was seen in outrageouly colorful dress, first in Prague and then in New York. This follows her hot Miami bikini pictures and then a shamiana-sized gown. Well, what can be said safely is that she pulls off in whatever she wears.    

The 34-year-old Quantico-star had covered herself in a striking striped outfit in vivid shades of blue, purple, pink, green, grey and black. The dress, as some put it, looked like broad pajamas. Fans swear by her fashion sense, while the critics have made fun of her on many occasions, the fact is admirers outnumber the critics.

When she reached New York after a vacation in Prague, fans saw another side of PeeCee. She was seen beaming and all smiles as she hugged, kissed and played with her tiny dog Diana.

Whatever her critics may say of her acting and dressing sense, the fact is that Priyanka continues to dominate Bollywood and the American TV industry. And, yes she is darling number one of the social media across the globe.


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June 19, 2017, 1:11 p.m.