Oh God..Salman is suffering from suicidal disease!

Entertainment | May 19, 2017, 10:07 a.m.

Prachi Bhardwaj, New Delhi: Bollywood's 'Sultan' is one of the most famous actor in India. Salman Khan never leaves a chance to woo his fans! But this time its a sad new for Sallu lovers!

During the launch of Salman's forthcoming movie Tubelight's first song 'Radio' in Dubai, the actor told media that he is suffering from a painful facial nerve disorder, Trigeminal neuralgia. The disease is also known as the suicide disease because of this disorder many patients develop suicidal tendencies.

“That’s one disease that basically has the highest rates of suicides...There is so much of pain...I suffered that,” and added, “So at that point of time, I realised that I need to work really hard. No matter how much pain you are going through,” Salman said.

Earlier, in the year 2001, Salman revealed about his medical problem saying,"There is a flex and hoarseness in my voice, it’s not because I am drunk , I don’t drink during Ramadan , it’s because of this ailment. I’m doing fine. It’s just that now, I had no choice but to pay attention to my health.”

According to FPA, this disease occurs due to inflammation of trigeminal nerve in the face which can cause intense pain. The pain can often lead to depression. This can happen due to compressed blood vessels, tumours in the face and aneurysms.

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