Leaked: Iulia Vantur's version of Salman's 'Jag Ghumia' is out!

Headlines | May 19, 2017, 11:29 a.m.

New Delhi: The lady has said in hundred ways, how much she adores her man. From singing his songs to walking with his mom hand-in-hand. But our Sultan is not going to give in so easily.

And it is really a lovely version of Salman Khan's 'Jag ghumya tere jaisa na koi'in Iulia Vantu's voice. Earlier alo she had sung 'Baby ko bass pasand hai' and along with the original version, the Salman-Iulia version was also great.

 She had posted the music video for her cover of Jag Ghoomeya on Youtube and later it was removed. Maybe it will be released with more fanfare and with som comments with Salman Khan. The version that was put did not have any voice of Salman Khan.Fans are eagerly awaiting Salman's response to this version.

Iulia will be seen next singing for a Marathi film, say sources.


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