Kejriwal is a Hawala operator alleges Kapil Mishra: 10 points

National | May 19, 2017, 9:36 a.m.

New Delhi: The non-ending saga of allegations and counter allegations between beleaguered sacked MLA Kapil Mishra and Arvind Kejriwal is back. The saga goes on and on. But this time it appears to be pretty serious because of these 10 developments.

1. On Thursday a certain Mukesh Sharma, a Delhi-based businessman, surfaced and said that he is the owner of four companies which donated Rs 2 crores to AAP.

2. "I donated the money to AAP because I thought AAP has come into politics to serve the poor," Sharma said in a video being shared on twitter.

3. Kapil Mishra said in his press conference on Friday that the video showed by Arvind Kejriwal is fake.

4. Mishra made a valid point when he said SKM associates, belonging to Mukesh Kumar, is giving a donation of 2 crores and not giving tax to the government. This is intriguing indeed.

5. When Mukesh was made the director of the company in 2017, how can he give a donation in 2014 itself?

6. Who was being given a cover by the AAP government and instead Mukseh Kumar was brought to the forefront.

7.According to Kapil Mishra Hem Prakash Sharma was provided with a cover by Kejriwal.

8. Rohit Tandon's, an associate of Hem Prakash Sharma , house was raided during the demonetization and piles of notes were discovered.

9.Mishra rubbishes the claims made by Mukesh Kumar and says it was all plotted by Kejriwal to conceal the identity of Hem Prakash Sharma, whose name has surfaced from the MCA website.

10. Kapil Mishra challenges Kejriwal to go and inform in Income Tax Department that Rs 2 crore donation was made by Mukesh Kumar


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