In Yogi Raj..Industrialist abducted in broad daylight

National | May 20, 2017, 1:42 a.m.

Firozabad (Uttar Pradesh): An industrialist in this Uttar Pradesh town was on Friday afternoon abducted by armed bandits, police said.

Sanjay Mittal, director of FM Glass Works, was going to the factory in an Innova car when armed men in police uniform, stopped him for checking and barged into the vehicle. The industrialist was forced at gun point to instruct the driver to keep driving towards Agra, his family said.

Firozabad police alerted the Agra and, Mathura police and were checking vehicles.

The crime graph in Agra zone continues to shoot up. Two cases of burglary - one of Rs 55 lakh from a house in posh Kamla Nagar colony, and the other of around Rs 5 lakh from a house of a former principal of Agra College - were reported Thursday.


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