Baywatch too hot for Indian audience?

Entertainment | May 20, 2017, 1:41 a.m.

NewDelhi: Priyanka Chopra during the premier of her Hollywood debut Baywatch, warned her fans back home not to take children to the movie. We ae curious. If the film is too bold and raunchy will it be allowed to get released with same scenes bt the Indian Censor Board, knowing its conservative ways?

Sources say that the film is full of raunchy humour.

Enough indications were dropped during previews held at the 2017 Las Vegas CinemaCon in which Priyanka dropped the F-bomb and Zac Efron inspected a dead body’s testicles.

The trailers were loaded with innuendos and gross-out gags, keeping with the tone established by famous Hollywood comedies. The film is based on the hugely-popular TV show that ran through the ‘90s, and was known for its bold babes and their skimpy swimsuits. Indian censor board CBFC is famous for chopping everything from bold scenes and kissing scenes to anything they think is offensive for the state.


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