Bajaj bikes make Mahatma Gandhi billionaire

National | May 17, 2017, 8:43 a.m.

New Delhi: Bloomberg Billionaires index has named Anurag Jain and Tarang Jain's net worth $1.1 billion and 1.1 billion respectively, both riding the draft of their uncle Rahul Bajaj's motorcycle business. 

Both firms, Endurance Technologies and Varroc group have counted for long on their uncle Rahul baja's Auto Ltd as their biggest customer.

Now this family has its lineage to Jamnalal Bajaj, whom Mahatma Gandhi considered his 'fifth son'. It was Jamnalal Bajaj who created Bajaj group in 1926.  And Rahul Bajaj is Jamnalal's grandson. Rahul Bajaj is a role-model for many enterpreneurs around the world, and has been very obsessed with the very idea of doing business as a child.


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