Baba Ramdev will now impress the youth of the country, has big plans

National | June 19, 2017, 11:42 a.m.

New Delhi: In an exclusive interview with Baba Ramdev disclosed his future business plans. The man, who made Yoga a household name in India before it was nearing extinction in the country of its birth, is now a successful entrepreneur and he credits his success to the efforts and toils of humble farmers of India.

 Baba, whose complete focus is on the upcoming Yoga Day is highly perturbed by the ongoing plight of the Indian farmers and all the hustle and bustle surrounding it.

An astute entrepreneur that he is, Baba disclosed his future business plans. Patanjali is coming out with three new products in near future.

Patanjali is launching cow's milk at a reasonable price, which he says, will give sleepless nights to the milk mafia in the country. A select few big business houses are exploiting the farmer's rights and Patanjali is in a course correction mood.  

The next product that Patanjali is launching is a clothing line for the youth which includes fancy and modern T-Shirts and jeans.

Baba Ramdev also plans to launch a chain of schools for the soldiers' children.

He also wants the children of India to do away with the culture of fast food. Snacks from across the different states of India will find a place in Baba's soon-to-be-launched fast-food chain.


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