Ali and Salman into pre-production phase of Bharat!

Entertainment | April 16, 2018, 8:28 a.m.



Director Ali Abbas Zafar says the pre-production of his next film "Bharat", starring superstar Salman Khan, is on with much gumpshun. 

"We are in full flow with pre-production of 'Bharat' the film. Lots of exciting news will come your way soon," Zafar tweeted on Sunday. 

The film is a remake of sorts of 2014 South Korean film "Ode to My Father".

The movie revolved around a man's plight to keep his family together and afloat through perilous ventures at home and abroad - a journey bringing him from Korean backalleys to Southeast Asian warzones, via a spell in a German coal mine - Youn's high-octane aesthetics would easily make Steven Spielberg a minimalist.

Just as the film's two lead characters managed to pass a job interview by a bravura show of patriotism, Ode to My Father triumphs in sentimentality than either style or substance.

Relying heavily on its domestic audience's familiarity with the simplistic, mythical narrative about South Korea's post-war passage to prosperity, the film has mesmerized Korean viewers 

Salman was on-board as soon as he heard the narrative. He attempts to convey the narrative to the best of his abilities. He has said, “You can't make the film exactly the way it is in the original. The socio-political scenario affects your narrative and the character. But I liked the basic crux of the film. Salman said after Tiger, you do this".


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