Akshay Tritiya 2018: Date, Muhurat, significance and puja timings

Headlines | April 17, 2018, 5:12 p.m.

New Delhi, April 17: Akshay Tritiya is a very important festival for Hindus and th Jains. This festival is celebrated in Spring and heralds the onset of good fortune and success. As the name suggests, Akshay means something which does not end, cannot be destroyed. This is also considered a very auspicious occasion for doing all good work for the house holders. It is the best time to get married, buy land and house, open a new business etc.
For the Jain community this is a special day because it commemorates the first Tirthankara's ending his one-year asceticism by consuming sugarcane juice.
Lord Vishnu along with Goddess Lasksmi is worshipped on this special day. Rice grains, sugarcane juice and fruits are important components of the elaborate puja. 
Mythology goes that giving alms to poor is considered very auspicious. Sprouted grain, sugarcane juice an fresh fruits should be distributed.

According to Shiva Purana on Akshaya Tritiya Kuber, the protector of all wealth, was made the lord of riches and banker of Heaven by Lord Shiva.

Akshay Tritiya Puja Timings, Muhurat and Puja Vidhi:

When should you buy gold: Between 06:07 am to 12:26 pm 

When does the tithi begin and end? It begins on 18th April at 3:45 am and ends at 01:32 AM on 19th Aprilon 18th April, 2018.



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