After Anushka and Priyanka, Deepika to turn producer?

Entertainment | April 16, 2018, 11:38 a.m.




t looks like Deepika Padukone is following in Anushka Sharma's and Priyanka Chopra's footsteps.

Anushka has already produced three films NH-10, Phillauri and Pari, with her Clean Slate banner, and Priyanka Chopra has Purple Pebbles, as production banner. Priyanka is actively exploring regional cinema, which is great for resurrecting the rich culture and diversity of our country. 

If reports are to true, Deepika is planning to foray into production as well.

A source told Asian Age, "Deepika is focusing on setting up her own production house. She wants to be associated with interesting and content-driven films. She will soon be donning the producer's hat."

Deepika has mentioned her interest in production, in several interviews. In 2015, she had told PTI, "I want to venture into production and be a producer or line producer someday because I feel I have that kind of personality. I like to organize, put things together and make things happen. I don't want to be a producer because I want to make money."

These woman-turned-producers have ruled the screens for quite sometime and have successfully carved a niche for themselves as directors and producers too.

Thus, according to me, here are three benefits of having more and more of women directors and producers in Bollywood: 

1. Have the experience of being around the sets: They have attained success as an actress, being in and out of sets, building a sense of confidence around the workings of the industry and have honed their skills. Thus, turning producers and directors gives them a big gust above their contemporaries. 

2. Focus on strong content: they are appreciated for foraying into less-explored genres like Anushka in Phillauri and Sonam Kapoor with Ayesha. You have women directors and women producers, then you have content which is better for women and you have female-led stories that also results in more women coming into theatres. 

3. Great examples for outsiders:  While there’s no dearth of actresses stepping into the world of production, there are many who, despite carrying the tag of an ‘outsider’, are making waves through content-driven films. These production houses, run by actresses, give them a platform and instant recognition for their first venture. 

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